Stewart Street Neighbourhood, Peterborough

The Stewart Street neighbourhood is located just south of the downtown core in Peterborough, Ontario. The Stewart Street neighbourhood has the youngest population in the city, with low household incomes, low rates of home ownership, and very low rates of vehicle ownership. This means that for residents of the Stewart Street neighbourhood, having safe and accessible ways to travel without needing to drive isn’t just a matter of convenience, it’s a matter of equity.

For more information about this neighbourhood, see our Portrait:  Stewart Street Neighbourhood, Peterborough.

The Active Neighbourhoods Project hopes to help residents reimagine their public space and will provide them with tools they can use to advocate for the changes they’d like to see in their neighbourhood. One of the primary areas of focus for this neighbourhood will be Bethune Street, which the City of Peterborough is planning to redevelop over the next few years. A currently underused local road, Bethune Street crosses right through the Stewart Street neighbourhood, and has the potential to be redesigned as space that prioritizes people over vehicles and adds value to the neighbourhood.

With the help of seven Ryerson Students, the project has completed a Vision document, which summarizes the results of extensive resident engagement. Interested in checking out this amazing document? Click here!

The coordinating committee for the Peterborough project, with support from Nancy Pole, has also developed a graphic that displays the pathways to creating change in this local context. This graphic provides a birds-eye-view of the project objectives, and will help to shape evaluation efforts locally and nationally. The complete Theory of Change for the local project can be found here.

Area Map

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