Haliburton Village, Haliburton County

TCAT’s third Active Neighbourhoods project is a collaboration with Haliburton’s Communities in Action (CIA). CIA’s extensive work in Haliburton County has built momentum and improved conditions for walking and cycling over the past decade. In 2014, CIA updated their foundational work on a Haliburton Active Transportation Plan, which is referenced in the local municipality’s official plan and helps inform planning decisions in Haliburton Village.

As a result of this Active Neighbourhoods project we produced County Road 21/Highland St., Haliburton: Portrait & Active Neighbourhood Plan. This Plan addresses active transportation barriers and opportunities in the local built form. The data and community ideas summarized in this document highlight how the project’s proposed vision: for CR21/Highland St. to become a more complete street, is built on local resident engagement and professional input expressed in guiding principles.



The project chose to separate out stated goals as 1, 5 and 20 year actions within the Plan. This way people can begin to see changes with quick-win actions within the first year. The roadway design was separated into three distinct conditions that respond to existing infrastructure; these are (section a) the active living corridor, (section b) the shared roadway and (section c) the active transportation trail.




(Photo: Mikey Bennington)

From the fall of 2015 to the Spring of 2016 we worked alongside residents of Haliburton to document how they experience using County Road 21 when travelling in their community. Through focus groups with high school students, residents of an assisted living residence and tabling out in the community, we developed a Portrait of Haliburton Village. This report collects information on the social and physical characteristics of the community, local movement patterns and local experiences and describes how other rural municipalities have handled making active transportation improvements on municipal main streets that also operate as through roads for the county. Read the full document by clicking the image below:

Building on this work, ANC held a workshop with local professionals in public works, planning and community health to create a complete streets design for County Road 21 that integrates local resident’s experiences and their ideas for the future. Through the summer of 2016, we met many residents by tabling at community events and gave them the chance to comment and provide feedback on the design ideas that were proposed.

In September of 2016, CIA held a pop-up traffic calming demonstration during the local farmer’s market that altered the entrance to the busy parking lot used for this event.  This helped to show how small changes in the design of streets could have an impact on driver behaviour and pedestrian safety while letting residents test out one of the changes proposed through this project.

Stay tuned  for the release of our Haliburton Plan report, which pulls together a distilled vision for County Road 21 and how different elements of a complete street design could be developed over the short, medium and long term.



Area Map