Active Neighbourhoods Canada is a partnership of organizations across Canada using participatory design towards the goal of green, active and healthy neighbourhoods.

Our shared vision of a green, active and healthy neighbourhood is a neighbourhood redesigned to celebrate the active use of shared public space; including roads and parks.These neighbourhoods support walking, cycling and other means of active transportation for everyone, paying particular attention to children, by providing safe and welcoming urban design. Based on a vision of long-term “liveability”, these neighbourhoods are designed collectively. They foster community linkages, encourage a connection with natural systems and allow citizens to develop a sense of belonging.

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Together, we are working in communities across Ontario to build active citizenship and active streets

Each community has a unique, citizen-driven work plan in collaboration with diverse groups including local grassroots organizations and municipalities.

Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park, Toronto

Stewart Street Neighbourhood, Peterborough

Haliburton Village, Haliburton County

Donovan Neighbourhood, Sudbury

Upcoming Events


Active Neighbourhoods Canada at World Design Summit

Car Martin, a Participatory Design Consultant on TCAT’s Active Neighbourhoods Canada project will be presenting, in partnership with colleague Allan Co, at the World Design Summit 2017 in Montreal, Oct 16-25, 2017. The accepted abstract is titled “Designing for Environmental Justice – Case studies, strategies and tools for improving equity in the built environment.”


Active Neighbourhoods Canada at Walk21

TCAT’s Car Martin and Mikey Bennington, and our partner at GreenUP, Brianna Salmon, are heading to the 18thInternational Walk21 Conference on Walking and Livable Communities in Calgary, Sep 19-22, 2017. The title of their breakout session is “Active Neighbourhoods Canada Project: Bridging Community and Municipal Decision-Making to Impact the Built Environment”.

06/28/2017 @ 3pm

Active Neighbourhoods Canada at the International Confernce on Transport and Health

TCAT’s Mikey Bennington’s will be presenting on the Active Neighbourhoods Canada project at the International Conference on Transport and Health in Barcelona, Spain, June 27-29 2017. Mikey’s abstract was tied for second highest scoring practitioner.